Here's a preview of the latest machine launched by Indentec and available soon from UK Calibrations & Hardness Products.

The new ZHR8150CLK “Universal” Rockwell hardness tester features closed loop force control, and is capable of far more tests than a traditional Rockwell device, including:

  • Rockwell testing of metals - Rockwell and superficial Rockwell to ISO 6508 and ASTM E18
  • Ball indentation and Rockwell testing of plastics - ISO 2039-1, ISO 2039-2 and ASTM D785 (A & B)
  • Rockwell testing of carbonaceous materials - DIN 51917
  • Residual indentation of laminate floor coverings - ISO 24343-1

B Mason & Sons Ltd, based in Birmingham, UK is the UK’s largest manufacturer of precision strip.  Materials testing is a crucial part of the Quality Control system and they have a well-equipped testing laboratory with a range of testing equipment including hardness testing.