Hardness testing of materials to measure their mechanical properties has been in common use for over 100 years. Over that time there have been many developments, the most recent being the use of instrumented indentation, where load and depth are simultaneously monitored during indentation in order to determine the resultant curve and calculate mechanical properties. Instrumented indentation has superseded many conventional hardness testing techniques owing to its ease of use and better accuracy at low depths where conventional techniques would be either impossible to use or would produce large inaccuracies.

Zwick Roell Asmec in collaboration with Coventry University are pleased to invite you to a FREE seminar which will focus on the role of nanoindentation across Academic and Industry sectors.

Internationally renowned speakers will present a range of topics including;

  • Beyond standard nanoindentation - New methods for the mechanical characterisation of surfaces and coatings
  • Testing very thin coatings using nanoindentation techniques
  • The relationship between indentation modulus and hardness in biological materials
  • Current and future applications of instrumented indentation
  • Understanding the effects of ion irradiation using nanoindentation techniques
  • Micro-mechanical characterisation of Hydrogels using nanoindentation
  • Nano-indentation work in the StrengthABLE Project

For further details of this FREE to attend seminar and to reserve your place, please click this link.